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EVENT: Bullseye League
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  • Beginner to advanced: Check our Class Schedule and events.
  • We have special classes for women only. See our Calendar.
  • Ladies' Nights! Women now have their range fees waived and receive one complementary target Monday through Thursday, 5 p.m. to closing.
  • Bullseye League for dedicated shooters here.
  • Now offering G License security classes! Call us for details.

Also: We have just added Seniors' Day, Bowling Pins, and a Parent/Child night. See our Calendar.

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Bullseye League is competition shooting at a professional level. Are you up to the challenge?

We are now offering the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. This enables you to gain classifications and recognition for the NRA. Click here for more information.

Come join us for our weekly Bullseye League and start your journey from Novice to Expert Marksman. Everyone is Welcome!

Every Wednesday Night from 7 9 p.m. we hold our bullseye league. This consists of a 90 round course of fire with a top possible score of 900. We shoot at reduce-sized targets at 16 yards. A League Fee of $12.00 will cover your League Range Time and your Targets for the Evening.

Slow Fire – 10 Shots in 10 Minutes
Timed Fire – 5 Shots in 20 Seconds, Reload, Repeat
Rapid Fire – 5 Shots in 10 Seconds, Reload, Repeat
Repeat for 3 Full Rotations

Any Center-Fire or Rimfire pistol is allowed. Red-dot sights allowed.
Pistol must be fired one-handed, with no portion of the grip extending past the wrist.

Click here to check our calendar for the next Bullseye League event.


Match Date
Bullseye League Scores

(900-point matches)
*denotes use of two hands or caliber larger than 22LR

Bullseye League Records

Wednesday, January 11, 2017






















1st Place Gary Monti 847-32x
2nd Place Curt Brandt 805-11x
3rd Place Keith Frederiksen 789-15x
4th Place Keith Frederiksen 783-13x
5th Place Andrew Tyrell 765-5x
6th Place Pete Rundell 756-14x
7th Place *John Piotrowski 821-14x
8th Place *John Piotrowski 819-16x
9th Place *Mark James 728-5x
10th Place *Mark James 706-10x








High Score Gary Monti 1/11/17 847-32x
Most Perfect Score Gary Monti 1/11/17 847-32x
Most X Rings Gary Monti 1/11/17 847-32x





It is unlawful to store or leave a firearm in any place within the reach of, or easy aaccess to, a minor.
Shooting Sports of Tampa provides and supports a clean, friendly and safe facility. The management and employees are dedicated to enhancing and promoting the sport of rifle and handgun shooting in a safe and friendly atmosphere designed for enjoyment by the entire family. The range is open to the public, no membership signup is required, though memberships are available. We teach a variety of classes including Concealed Weapons Permit and we have classes specifically for women.
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